What is UNCAP certification suite?

UNCAP certification suiteis a part of the UNCAP products. This is a set of software modules, with relative guidelines, to help you – hardware or sensor manufacturers – develop compliant solutions to the standards supported by UNCAP.

What can I integrate in the UNCAP environment?

Whether you develop a device or a software that is designed to help aging people live independently while maintaining and improving their lifestyle it can interact with the UNCAP environment. The followings presents you ways you can create a product compliant with the UNCAP standards.

What type of devices are connectable to the UNCAP box or UNCAP cloud?

There is already a list of devices that are connecting to the UNCAP box and cloud that are gathering data and monitoring elder persons:

  • Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Monitor
  • Oximeter
  • Scale
  • Glucometer

This devices can connect to the UNCAP box that runs on an Android 4.4.4 (or later), or can connect directly to the UNCAP cloud (through the RaptorBox aggregator) to provide the data directly to the server.

You can connect a new type of device, if you develop the driver for it. The data for the device can then already be displayed, if it’s in one of the standard, already supported formats. If this is a new type of data, a server-side visualization plugin will also have to be developed.

How do I provide data from my device to the UNCAP box?

You can connect one of your devices to the UNCAP master app by simply creating a driver for Android, and providing the correct data structure. Here is how your driver and the UNCAP box work:

What is the data structure that must be provided?

Considering that we want to provide a standard we are using standards. So we use free, open-source code that makes it easy for developers to store/process/integrate digital health data: openMhealth standards. Find your type of device and respect that structure as we do.

Once the driver is developed how do you certify it?

Once you have the driver APK that simulates the data forwarded from your device fill in the form below and attach it. In a matter of 2 weeks you will receive a response from us whether everything is ok or you have to fix anything. If it’s all good, we will program all the UNCAP systems to search for your driver. You now just have to advertise the fact that it is UNCAP compatible and to instruct your users how to install your driver. UNCAP will do the rest.

How can I connect my device straight to the UNCAP cloud?

If you have an even smarter device that connects to the internet you can send data directly to the UNCAP cloud through the UNCAP RaptorBox aggregator.

Register device – credentials – for the new device

User management sends tokens -> User id -> formated data

I don’t understand something. What should I do?

If there is something that you need to discuss, please feel free to contact us through the contact form.

How can I connect my app to the UNCAP system?

If you develop an app – that for example processes data (heart rate and BPM) and can predict the future behaviour of the heart of an elder person – you can get the data from the UNCAP data store and provide the results within the UNCAP interface.

Certifying device form

Who are you?
What type of device are you building?
Why an UNCAP compatible device?
Confirmation Email:
Choose type of device:
Upload Sample Data:
Upload Driver:
Driver detail:
      "packageId": "" ,
      "serviceId": "",
      "driverType": " “,
      "description": "",
      "masterAppButtonLabel": "",
      "version": ,
      "lastUpdateDatetime": "",
      "apkUrl": "",
     "barCodeId": "TO BE GENERATED",
      "hasSettings": " ",
      "hasMeasurement": " ",

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