Here you can find the list of the public available deliverables

WP1 - Preparation and Planning

Due date (month)Deliverable nameDownload linkDescription
M02D1.1 - Use cases description, system requirements and PIA/TRVADownload
D1.1 - Use cases description, system requirements and PIA/TRVADownloadUpdated after 1st review
M02D1.1 - Use cases description, system requirements and PIA/TRVA - ANNEXESDownload
M04D1.2 - Regulatory constraintsDownload
D1.2 - Regulatory constraintsDownloadUpdated after 1st review
M06D1.3 - System ArchitectureDownload
D1.3 - System Architecture - v2.0DownloadUpdated after 1st review
M06D1.4 - Pilots deployment and test planDownload
D1.4 - Pilots deployment and test planDownloadUpdated after 1st review
M06D1.5 - Assessment module based on InterRAI scalesDownload
D1.5 – Assessment module based on InterRAI scales - v.2.0DownloadUpdated after 1st review


WP2 - UNCAP toolkit integration and testing

Due date (month)Deliverable nameDownload linkDescription
M12D2.1 - UNCAP Box, App and CLOUD alpha versionDownload
M12D2.1 - UNCAP Box, App and CLOUD alpha version - v1.1DownloadUpdated
M18D2.2 - UNCAP Box, App and CLOUD beta versionDownload
M18D2.4 - UNCAP certification suite - alpha versionDownload


WP3 - Piloting in operational scenarios

Due date (month)Deliverable nameDownload linkDescription
M08D3.1 ­ - Bi-monthly Pilot Progress Report - v01Download
M10D3.2 ­ - Bi-monthly Pilot Progress Report - v02Download
M12D3.3 ­ - Bi-monthly Pilot Progress Report - v03Download
M14D3.4 ­ - Bi-monthly Pilot Progress Report - v04Download
M16D.3.5 – Bi-monthly Pilot Progress Report v05Download
M16D.3.13 - UNCAP training materialDownload
M18D.3.6 – Bi-monthly Pilot Progress Report v06Download
M20D.3.7 – Bi-monthly Pilot Progress Report v07Download
M22D.3.8 – Bi-monthly Pilot Progress Report v08Download
M24D.3.9 – Bi-monthly Pilot Progress Report v09Download


WP4 - Impact analysis

Due date (month)Deliverable nameDownload linkDescription
M18D4.1 - Analysis of improved efficiency within the health and care systems – first versionDownload
M18D4.3 ­ Analysis of improved quality of life of involved users and carers ­ first versionDownload


WP5 - Exploitation and market replication

Due date (month)Deliverable nameDownload linkDescription
M12D5.7 - Contributions to standardizationDownload
M24D.5.3 - Draft Business PlanConfidential
M24D5.8 - Contributions to standardization - second year reportDownload
M24D5.10 - Guidelines for the UNCAP certification suite - first versionDownload


WP6 - Dissemination and openness

Due date (month)Deliverable nameDownload linkDescription
M02D6.8 – Project Media Pack v01Download
M02D6.8 – media pack.zipDownload
M02D6.14 - Website and web 2.0 channelsDownload
M06D6.11 - Plan for the communication, dissemination and
exploitation of results- first year activities
D6.11 - Plan for the communication, dissemination and
exploitation of results- first year activities
DownloadUpdated after 1st review
M12D6.1 - Liaisons with Other Initiatives and Projects - First year activitiesDownload
M12D6.4 - Yearly collection of proceedingsDownload
M14D.6.9 - Project Media Pack v02Download
M14D6.9 – media pack V2.zipDownload
M24D6.2 - Yearly report on liaisons with other initiatives and projects - second year activitiesDownload
M24D6.5 - Yearly collection of proceedings – second year activitiesDownload
M24D6.12 - Second dissemination and exploitation planDownload


WP7 - Management

Due date (month)Deliverable nameDownload linkDescription
M01 D7.1 – Project Charter Download
M06D7.5 - Data Management Plan - DMP - first releaseDownload
M18D7.6 – Data Management Plan - DMP - second releaseDownload
M10D7.8 - Template for ethical approval and informed consentDownload