Spire Baia


Area: 96 km2 (37.1 sq. mi), Population (2002): 16,609. Baia Sprie Town (UAT Baia Sprie) is localized in the North-West Romanian Development Region, 10 km East distance from Baia Mare Town, the residence of the Maramureş county, at the Southern base of the Oaş Gutâi Ţibles mountainous plateau, at a 380 m height. Baia Sprie locality, extended on a 9602 ha administrative territorial surface, contains: Baia Sprie Town and the villages: Chiuzbaia; Satu Nou de Sus and Tauţii de Sus. Neighboring communities are the city of Baia Mare and the villages of Groşi, Dumbrăviţa, Şiseşti and Deseşti. Of the town’s total population; about 11,500 live in the town of Baia Sprie, with a Romanian majority and a Hungarian minority of about 28%.
The town was one of the most important mining centers in north-western Romania, exploitation of gold and silver being mentioned in documents written around 1411, the time when the Saxons colonised the region. However, recent administrative changes and restructuring of the Romanian mining industry brought this activity to an almost complete halt. Baia Sprie Town is a founding member of the Inter-community Association of Development “Baia Mare Urban System” and of the Microregion of Gutai Mountains Development. Association since 2006.