BioAssist S.A. is a startup company that develops innovative commercial services in the fields of assistive technologies and homecare, to enable the growing senior population to live independently at home for longer.
The company is strongly affiliated with Bioiatriki S.A. (Biomedicine Group of Companies) (, one of the largest Health Diagnostic Networks in Southeast Europe.

Main tasks to be carried on within the project

BioAssist will be involved in the design of the UNCAP system and, above all, for the integration of their existing of monitoring and communication features within the UNCAP BOX and CLOUD infrastructure. Particularly important will be also their involvement, as responsible partner, of the pilot site in Athens.

How the profile matches with the tasks assigned and previous experience in relevant projects

BioAssist has significant expertise in providing commercial ambient assisted living and vital signs monitoring services to chronic patients. Within the frame of the proposed project it will undertake the setup and implementation of a pilot that will regard elderly people suffering from COPD and diabetes and that have special needs (e.g. limited mobility due to amputations). It therefore possesses the necessary infrastructure, equipment and know-how for the prompt implementation of the pilot under professional standards.
BioAssist S.A. has been selected to participate in the ICT4Growth programme, run by the Greek Ministry of Development & Competitiveness. Within the frame of this project it conducts Business Research as well as R&D activities to develop new independent assisted living services, to be incorporated in its products.