Combain Mobile offers a global mobile positioning solution which help our customers to instantly locate mobile devices such us mobile phones, tablets, personal tracking devices and M2M devices. Our customers use our service to locate mobile devices. This could be mobile handset or mobile internet-of-things devices. Mobile positioning with cell-id and wifi is power efficient and cost efficient compared to GPS. Cell-id and wifi positioning also works indoor. Combain is using Cell-id and Wi-Fi positioning and has world largest Cell-id and wifi database which gives a unique global coverage and accuracy in urban and rural areas. Combains cell-id database includes over 43 million mobile cell towers and over 391 million Wi-Fi spots. Mobile positioning based on Cell-Id and Wi-Fi has both outdoor and indoor coverage, limit the usage of and need for GPS, and will increase the battery life of the mobile device. Combain is based in Lund, Sweden and have a cooperation with a number of large phone manufacturers and operators globally.


Main tasks to be carried on within the project

COMBINE will be responsible for the design and development of the UNCAP BOX connector to ensure access to cloud-based API and web services for indoor positioning. Further critical role is expected in terms of market exploitation of UNCAP.

How the profile matches with the tasks assigned

COMBAIN is a leader in location technologies services therefore their contribution perfectly matches with the profile and experience of the company.