CREATE-NET (Center for REsearch And Telecommunication Experimentation for NETworked communities) is an international non-profit research organisation that brings together some of the best research groups in all areas of networking and communications providing a unified global cooperative research platform. The center is highly devoted to promoting technological transfer as proven by a number of spin-off companies that have been created exploiting technologies developed and incubated in EU collaborative projects.
CREATE-NET has established a network of over 300 research partners throughout Europe, including top research institutions and companies. It has a strong track record of involvement in past EU FP6 and ongoing EU FP7 projects, both as a coordinator and as a technical partner and is currently coordinating one of the biggest European FP7 projects on IoT, called iCore, as well as being involved in many e-health related projects (REHAB@HOME, NYMPHA-MD, MONARCA, INTERSTRESS).

Main tasks to be carried on within the project

The main role played by CREATE-NET will be in WP2 of which they are leader. In addition, they will
develop the core module of the UNCAP BOX and the UNCAP Semantic Proxy

How the profile matches with the tasks assigned and previous experience in relevant projects

Expertise developed in the iCore EU project on the matter of Virtualising Objects for hiding heterogeneity and use of cognitive technologies in an IoT context, give CREATE-NET the right skill set to undertake the assigned tasks. CREATE has specific experience in relevant topics in the context of the following projects:

• iCore project: is a project on cognitive IoT aiming to address the technological diversity of heterogeneous objects, while enhancing reliability and availability of these to the needs of different users/stakeholders.

• REHAB@HOME long-term physical/cognitive rehabilitation processes and the identification of suitable technical solutions to efficiently support them. REHAB@HOME enables elderly people to enjoy high quality rehabilitation for a much longer period than the Health System can currently afford.

• MONARCA: solutions for multi-parametric, long term monitoring of behavioural and physiological information relevant to bipolar disorder.