Fondazione Bruno Kessler is an international research center structured in center of competencies and conducts researches in different area of knowledge both in scientific and human disciplines. FBK-ICT focuses on key areas of information technology in order to provide a practical and experimental evidence of its added value for the market, cultural growth, and social welfare.
FBK-ICT aims to develop ICT for improving the quality of life, by advancing ICT focused on the individual. The Center carries on high quality research with impact to market and society. Special programs are active in the areas of healthcare and wellbeing such as IRCS_FBK (Healthcare Research and Innovation Program), a special Project recently activated by a formal agreement between Dipartimento Lavoro e Welfare of Provincia Autonoma di Trento, APSS (Azienda Provinciale per i Servizi Sanitari), and FBK.


Main tasks to be carried on within the project

The role of FBK will be manifold. At the beginning it will be actively involved both in the definition of the use cases as well as in the analysis of pilot-related regulatory constraints. Most notably, they will be also in involved in the task T.7.3 – Operational and data management, where they will deal with the data management activity generated by the pilot. The data, in a complete anonymous way (specific recommendations by the Ethical Board will be seeked) will be made available as part of the Open Research Data Pilot initiative in H2020. In addition, through the involvement of two key experts in ethical matters, Dr Nollo and Dr Eccher, will be leading T.7.4 on Privacy, security, ethical and gender issue management and will chair in the Ethical Board.

How the profile matches with the tasks assigned and previous experience in relevant projects

IRCS_FBK Project aims at implementing the directive of PAT government dated November 4th, 2011, n.2324, in term of research, innovation and training for healthcare. The objective of the Projects is to coordinate and enforce Research, Innovation and Educational programs for Health, enabling fast tracks for transferring research findings from bench to bedside and vice versa. Healthcare Technology and outcome evaluations are central activities of IRCS program. IRCS is currently involved in 3 European projects and several local innovation projects and programs.
Previous experience in related projects include:
• i-locate – European Project CIP-Pilot actions
• Nathcare – Alpine Space Project
• MEPI – European funds for regional development
• iCore – EU FP7 Integrated Project
• Nympha – EU- FP7-ICT 2013 – PCP