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Fida Solutions is an IT consultancy and software development company, focused on developing GIS solutions based on its client’s specific needs. It also provides technical support, project management consultancy and collateral IT services such as implementation, testing, deployment and user training. A new field of development is the business analysis one, especially aiming towards emergency situations and socioechonomic challenges, but considering all major directions of public and private development: economic, educational, social and medical.


Main tasks to be carried on within the project

FIDA will contribute to the design and development of the UNCAP BOX. Their involvement, from a technical point of view, will be twofold. On the one hand they will be in charge of developing the secure data repository module for the UNCAP BOX and for the UNCAP CLOUD. In addition, they will be in charge for the development of the UNCAP validation suite, which will be particular important in terms of project impact. Lastly, FIDA will play an active role in terms of business exploitation of results of UNCAP.

How the profile matches with the tasks assigned and previous experience in relevant projects

FIDA has been involved in the following key projects, relevant to UNCAP:
• GIS Software Development – GIS system for environments conservation management – for the Transilvanian Carpathian Society in EU funded project „Participative planning for management of protected areas on the lower Tur river”
• GIS Software Development – Resources Management for public authorities and network management for water companies
• Project Management for EU Funded projects for the Baia Sprie Municipality – for two projects aiming at ”increasing citizen’s safety and ctime prevention in the Baia Sprie City Area” and ” Infrastructure rehabilitation – streets, road and pedestrian access and green areas”
• Technical support in ITC PSP project i-locate, for the Baia Sprie Pilot – Elder Nursing Homes -Indoor/outdoor location and asset management through open geodata
• Local Action Plan provisioning for Baia Sprie City in Urbact Project
• Studies, analysis and optimized procedures implementation for the MaramureșCounty Emergency Comity, for the EU funded project: „Risk reduction on County levels through a better communication inside the County Committee for Emergency Situations”
• Software systems testing and implementation for the SMISU – Emergency Situations Informational System – national project in Romania
• Technical assistance and implementation of national scale e-health project in Romania for the National Health Agency