future shape presentazione


Future-Shape GmbH was founded 2005 by Christl Lauterbach. The company located nearby Munich in Germany is specialized in large-area contactless capacitive sensor systems with a variety of applications. Main product is SensFloor(r), a textile underlay under the floor covering for locating people with high spatial and temporal resolution. Future-Shape’s products and solutions offer a wide range from healthcare, energy saving, comfort, multimedia to security systems.


Main tasks to be carried on within the project

Future-Shape will combine the large-area SensFloor system, as well as SensFloor mats, Seat sensors and bed sensors, with the UNCAP Box ensuring interoperable access to location and alert data. In addition, they will be responsible for pilot within the pilot “Wohnen am Schlossanger” where 10 rooms will be equipped with the large-area SensFloor system, and 10 rooms with SensFloor mats. The efficiency of the system for supporting the care of the patients and preventing falls, as well as detecting falls are evaluated and the results used for further improvements.

How the profile matches with the tasks assigned and previous experience in relevant projects

Future-Shape has all necessary expertise for the planned tasks within this project. In addition, they have been involved in the previous relevant projects:
• Future-Shape has lead the German research grant project “SensFloor” on the development of a sensitive floor.
• Future-Shape is partner in the EU FP7 projects BESST (Breakthrough in European Ship and Shipbuilding Technologies), CyclaDes (Crew-centred design and operations of ships and ship systems), LCA to go (Boosting Life-Cycle Assessment Use in European Small and Medium Enterprises), and iCareNet (Context-aware systems in Healthcare)