GiStandards Ltd is a key player in standardization and aims to disseminate the value of the good use of geospatial standards built on research and development across domain borders in an environmentally friendly way.
The company has experience in organizing international workshops, which attract high levels of international speakers and delegates. Recent Topics include Smart Grid, climate change, biodiversity, land cover and land use, incident management and location based services and workshops on APPs and their application. We now command an extended network of experts and organizations.
GiSt hosts several websites, including the CEN/TC 287 Geographic information website and several portals including an online registry for European funded projects deliverables. This registry, in conjunction with DG-JRC, offers Europe the ability to access relevant deliverables of a project well after the project has finished.
GiSt who holds the secretariat of CEN/TC 287 has the largest number of Liaisons including European funded projects for any European standards organization thus bringing research and development in an innovative way to standards making and allowing projects to access the standards process directly.

Brief description of the role within the project

GIST will play a key role as leader of WP6 on dissemination and exploitation. GIST will be also task leader of T.6.1 – Liaisons with other initiatives and T.6.2 – Organisation of conferences, workshops and other awareness activities. In general GIST will contribute to standardisation activities of the project ensuring surveying of standards of interest for UNCAP, extension of existing standards and also submission of the application to the standardisation body. GiSt will create and maintain liaisons between the project and the various standardisation bodies. Due to the significant attention being paid to interoperability and standardisation their role will be extremely important. This will include leading the survey and identification the set of standards that will be utilized for this project and later harmonisation activities, including the final submission to standardisation bodies (including CENELEC, OGC, ETSI).

How the profile matches with the tasks assigned and previous experience in relevant projects

GIST has been involved in a number of international initiatives. Most relevantly it is currently involved in the ICT-PSP project SUNSHINE on smart city services, i-SCOPE on smart city services, including the coordination and development of 3 City GML ADE’s, of particular relevance on one on smart routing. GiSt is a WP leader in smeSpire for the development a Best Practice catalogue.