The City of Simleu Silvaniei is a public administration institution. Simleu Silvaniei is a town in Sălaj County, Transylvania, Romania with a population of 16,066 people (2002 census). Is located near the ancient Dacian fortress Dacidava. Togheter with Zalau city, Simleu Silvaniei city si an improtant center of the Salaj county. Wood industry, textile industry and food industry are well represented in our town. Three villages are administered by the town: Bic, Cehei and Pusta. Main activitie is agriculture. The Bathory palace – ruined is the main tourist attraction. The city and region are facing an aging population, partially due to migration.
It provides social services and assistance and it is the main financer of an elder day-care centre. Through Social Assistants, the City provides support to disabled persons, especially elders with cognitive and locomotive disabilities, including weekly monitoring and even in some cases shopping. The city is facing an ageing population and is trying to adapt to this situation, by providing social services in order to help the elder be cared for or continue living at home, instead of nursing comes.

Main tasks to be carried on within the project

SIMLEU will be responsible for the pilot at Elder Day-care Centre in Libertatii St. The pilot will target elders frequenting the day-care centre, many of whom suffer from different health problems. Additional contribution is expected to other activities such as support to definition of procurement models, support to economic, social and impact analysis as well as openness and dissemination activities with the general public.

How the profile matches with the tasks assigned and previous experience in relevant projects

SIMLEU is the institution –i.e. the city administration- which owns the elderly day care which will be subject of the pilot. Public officers (e.g. staff from the day care center) will be involved in the activities of the pilot.