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Trilogis  was established in 2006 by a group of founders with more than 20-yrs experience each in the research, development, implementation and integration of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and related solutions. The company has grown to reach almost 30 staff members and has a multi-disciplinary technical background in GIS (including indoor/outdoor GIS), Spatial Data Infrastructures, 3D visualization, geographical web services, geodatabases and related technologies and it has worked for customers such as multi-utilities, private companies, public administrations. Trilogis is certified as ISO 9001-2008 in the area of design, development and maintenance of software solutions and it implements a total quality concept towards production services. Most relevantly for the project, Trilogis is among the members of Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) the international standardisation body in the geospatial domain.


Main tasks to be carried on within the project

Trilogis is in charge of the coordination of the whole project. In addition, from a technical standpoint Trilogis will contribute to the design (WP1) and  evelopment of the UNCAP system, in particularly developing the components of the UNCAP BOX necessary for video-based tracking and for the interfaces to
visualise mapping data. At the UNCAP CLOUD level, Trilogis will be in charge of the guiding service as well as the geofencing service. Furthermore, Trilogis will be in charge of supervising WP3 (as leader) being responsible for the overall coordination of the pilots. In addition further contributions will be given to exploitation and market replication activities (WP5), with particular attention being paid to contribution to standardisation, as well as dissemination and openness (WP6).

How the profile matches with the tasks assigned and previous experience in relevant projects

Besides its industrial activities, Trilogis is actively involved in a number of RTD projects, funded by the local government, on indoor GIS technologies for integrated building management and smart services through use of indoor location technologies. Particularly relevant, to the design and development of the UNCAP BOX, will be the experience acquired in project SUITCASE “SUstainable, Integrated and Territorial CAre SErvices) in the development of a remote monitoring solution for home sensing devices through OGC standards based on use of ad-hoc home hardware running on Android.
Trilogis is currently being involved as partner of the FP7 IP iCore “Empowering IoT through Cognitive Technologies” (GA 287708), as partner of the FP7 project FI-STAR (on future internet), where their geofencing module (to be used for the corresponding UNCAP CLOUD service) is being integrated within two future internet framework.
In addition Trilogis ius coordinator the large ICT-PSP pilot B project i-locate “Indoor/outdoor LOCation and Asset management Through open gEodata”. The latter includes 24 partners with 13 pilots across 8 EU countries (www.i-locate.eu) and it develops indoor location systems. In particular the already available open source routing system used in i-locate will be customised for UNCAP CLOUD.
Lastly, being Trilogis an associate partner of OGC, and being actively involved in the IndoorGML Standard Working Group, will be particularly important in terms of impact and exploitation towards the standardisation community.