Based on its rich tradition and academic excellence, the University of Ljubljana practices basic, applied and development research in science, arts and interdisciplinary fields, resulting in outstanding worldwide-known academic achievements and world-class research of both students and University staff. Specifically, the University is committed to highly-focused basic and applied research sciences in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Information and Communication Technologies, Telecommunications, Computer and Information Science and Multimedia.

In particular, the Laboratory of Telecommunications (LTFE) at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (UL) is a propulsive research team with more than 40 employees and an impressive base of external associates and industrial partners. The laboratory is highly committed to the research, development pilot integration and trials in areas of E-Health, ICT-based healthcare applications and services, Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR), Internet of Things (IoT), and User-Centred Design and Human-Computer Interaction, as well as Future Internet (FI) and Quality of Experience (QoE) in advanced communication systems. It has considerable experience with research programs and projects of the European Commission (FP7, FI-PPP, CIP) and other national and international funding bodies (PHARE, COST, IFIP, IEICE, RIPE NCC, Ministry of Defence, Slovenian Technology Agency, etc.). The results of their work and research are published in highly ranked SCI journals and protected with patents, and embodied in several industrial solutions and applications.


Main tasks to be carried on within the project

In UNCAP, UL will be in charge of endpoints implementation and integration, to support the easy-to-use smartphone/tablet app for Android and iOS platforms, and the Android-based TV interface. For that, they will participate in requirements engineering activities to assure stakeholder requirements elicitation and usercentred interaction design targeting high usability and adoption ratios. Also, UL will support UNCAP solution deployment and trials execution from the endpoints perspective, and will hold the role of technical supporting partner of the pilot in Elderly Home Danice Vogrinec Maribor.

How the profile matches with the tasks assigned and previous experience in relevant projects

The laboratory will contribute to the project with their expertise and experience in the areas of e-health application development, integration and testing, ICT-based healthcare and medical trials execution and validation, real time IoT-based e-health platform design and development and IoT-based e-health application design, implementation and testing following human-centred and participatory design concepts. The laboratory will specifically focus on integration, refinements and trial testing and validation of existent ehealth solutions and services to support elderly care with chronic diseases and cognitive impairment assistance services in real-world setups, that is, two major elderly homes in Slovenia and one in Macedonia.

Relevant projects where UL has been involved include:
• »Future Internet Social and Technological Alignment Research«; EC (FI-PPP Grant nr. 604691); www.fi-star.eu ; IoT and sensor application for Diabetes patients.

• »Open Communications Platform for Integrated Services«, Competence Center OpComm, Slovenian Technology Agency, Public invitation to tender for the development of competence centres in the period 2010-2013; Design and pilot implementation of IoT middleware and selected use cases.

• »Governments ENabled with IPv6 (program EU CIP)«; EC (CIP-ICT-PSP-2011-297239); http://www.gen6-project.eu; Advanced emergency response system design, development and field trial implementation with Fire fighter departments , Municipality of Ljubljana, SI

• »Telemedicine solution with optimal user experience for elderly people«, funded by the Telekom Slovenia and the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport.

• Technical partnership in establishment of Health Telemonitoring in the IRIS Smart Home, a demonstration apartment and clinical research facility (ambient assisted living lab) of the University Rehabilitation Institute; fitted with a health telemonitoring system assisting the elderly and persons with various disabilities.