dom danice


Elderly Home Danice Vogrinec Maribor is the largest gerontology facility in the Maribor region, operating as a public institution established by the Republic of Slovenia. It offers institutional care services for elderly people and adults with special needs as well as home care services for elderly people living in their private homes in the Miklavžna Dravskem polju and Duplek municipalities.
The institution continues to build and promote its brand and positioning a s a strong player in the welfare domain, by maintaining innovative and high-quality services as well as introduction of entrepreneurial culture to deliver future care.

Main tasks to be carried on within the project

DDVM will participate in UNCAP as the Slovenian pilot site, holding the role of healthcare pilot leader. They will be involved in requirements engineering processes to elicit UNCAP requirements from stakeholder and end-user perspectives, definition of the use case scenarios and will contribute to pilot-related regulatory requirements analysis for Slovenia. In the context of establishing the pilot and execute the trial, their involvement will be primarily in pilot preparation, instantiation of the UNCAP solution at Elderly Home Maribor location in cooperation with UL, on-site training of users and personnel, and impact analysis following the UNCAP methodology.

How the profile matches with the tasks assigned and previous experience in relevant projects

Dom Danice Vogrinec is a specialized gerontology institution, providing services to older adults and people with disabilities. Hence, they have specialized care expertise that is needed in order to instantiate and execute pilot trials as planned in UNCAP and in particular to engage end users through requirements elicitation, user centred design and validation processes professionally. They will be able to support those activities through active involvement of their professional care specialists as well as elderly persons receiving DDVM services, either as residents of the elderly home or elderly persons living in their private homes and receiving care services.
Relevant projects include:
• On the basis of the published tender “Energy rehabilitation of homes for the elderly” in the framework of the Operational Programme of Environmental and Transport Infrastructure development for the period 2007-2013 and on the basis of the concluded agreement with the intermediate body of the Ministry of Economy, which provides funding of cohesion policy for the purpose of sustainable energy use, the Home planned to do the renovation of the building envelope, restoration of the heating systems and technology using renewable energy sources, installation of energy-saving lamps and lighting optimization and the introduction of monitoring energy use. The home was successful with the registered technical solutions in the investment value of €5,769.909 for 2012 and 2013.
• In Slovenia, we carried out research or testing according to scale of self-care skills (LOSS) Care Dependency Scale (CDS) SCALE in 2007 in the Home of Danice Vogrinec Maribor, head of the project was Andreja Peternelj, a member of the European Research Group and Elderly Care (EURECARE).